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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  November 13, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. a cleveland neighborhood still mourning the loss of a beloved bartender a month after she was killed. her murder remains unsolved. a mistrial of tensing. the latest calls for justice. first a live look from our -- our earth cam across the shores lake area. there's downtown cleveland. the sun is shining bright. it's going to be a nice day but as you noticed yesterday, today as well, it's going to be a chilly start again. welcome to this sunday edition of "good morning cleveland." i'm nick foley alongside meteorologist janessa webb to talk about the forecast. because the chill continues this weekend. sun is out but still chilly. >> today's going to be a
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this morning. we have reports of the teens. they have made its way back to northeast ohio. a great start here. high pressure is on top of us, we're going to continue to see the warm-up throughout your day. this is the warm spot, downtown cleveland. near 40 degrees but let's move to the south. richland county, lexington currently at 18. this is the coolest air of the season so far. the lower 20s near that teen deee you can see we're starting to warm up from independence to the solon area. bedford currently 29 degrees, but the upper 20s to the lower 30s really taking over this morning. as i said that high pressure continues to track in here. we will only see daytime highs warming up to the 50s today with a southerly flow of our winds. that will allow us to be in the upper 50s throughout your afternoon. so hour by hour, you can see we
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i do think some locations could hit near that 60-degree mark as the winds pick up to about 10 to 15 miles per hour. that is what is going to make the temperatures warm up fairly fast. if you have evening plans tonight, by the 7:00 hour, nick, only 48. chilly. by reason of your inability to reach a verdict i declare this case a mistrial. >> after deliberating more than 25 hours the jury in former officer ray tensing's murder trial could not reach a verdict. tensing was accused of murdering sam dubois during a 2015 traffic stop. the jury had the option to convict tensing of a lesser manslaughter charge but couldn't reach consensus on that either. the case may be retried. immediately following that announcement protests began. nearly 1,000 people gathered to
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upset about the tensing decision joined others protesting president-elect donald trump. the crowd remained peaceful, however and dispersed before dark. meantime the dubose family is disappointed but hopeful that prosecutors will decide to retry tensing. >> this was the opportunity for them to change the pace and course of history. and holding these cops accountable. so far they dropped the ball. >> the family received nearly $5 million settlement from the university. it includes undergraduate tuition for dubose's children, formal apology on the on campus memorial. last month missy brancher was shot while bar tending on cleveland's east side. no suspects still today. many many are gathering to
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murder. meg shaw with more. >> reporter: it's been three weeks since she's been murdered and to this day, no suspects, no surveillance video, no answers for this heartbroken family. but today they will remember her here at the vfw on west 140th street. missy shot and killed october 25th at the coolly lounge on west 130th street. her boyfriend says two people came to the bar, pulled out guns and give up their wallets. the 44-year-old brinker tried to hide in a back storage room but found her and shot her at close range. the manager from the lounge say cleveland police have surveillance video but haven't released it just yet leaving many upset her murder is still unsolved. i reached tout to cleveland police earlier this morning asking for an update in this case. i have her -- from a minute ago they tell me they are checking to see if there are updates. if they get back to me i will
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this morning the benefit that will be held, all the money raised go to missy's family. they are holding a 50/50 raffle. asking for a $5 donation at the door. the benefit is 3:00 to 10:00. again here on west 140th street at the vfw. live in colleagued, meg shaw, newschannel 5. right now more than a dozen people are homeless. their apartments were damaged in a fire yesterday. it happened at this building cleveland's edgewater neighborhood. firefighters were able to contain the blaze but smoke and water damage forced the residents out. many are now in hotels. >> my apartment is shut down. no lights, no water. the apartment next door to me is gutted. >> fire investigators say the building is structurally
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cases happening next week. a suspected gang member set to be arraigned for a shooting and carjacking tomorrow malik johnson will appear in court. he's accused of shooting a man on east 137th street and kinsman in august. while serving a warrant for that crime police say they found evidence to link him to a carjacking. also considered a person of interest in another open murder investigation. also set to appear in court tomorrow the two people accused of killing police say seth wood and jackie kennedy, dumped the man's body near the zoo. they are set to be in court tomorrow. patients will be welcomed at the new hospital in avon. the cleveland clinic opened its newest location last thursday but won't accept patients until this tuesday. it's connected to the richard
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have options now. the library there hosting a grand opening for the new expansion. there are tall windows inspired by the church across the street and more. visitors can check out the new look from 11:30 to 5:00 today. thank you so much for starting your sunday morning with us. i'm nick foley. coming up -- there is a new alternative to detention in schools. it involves a lot more peace than punishment. could learning how to "ohm" help your child? some of the best chefs in the country also in cleveland today. we'll share how you can taste the latest food trends. and of course our local forecast. >> lots going on across northeast ohio this afternoon. lots of sunshine.
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good morning. i'm "power of 5" meteorologist janessa webb. lots of sunshine for lake county. you're the warm spot in the upper 30s. greater cleveland 35 degrees but folks, we're seeing teens for richland and ashland county. it's going to warm up fairly quickly as the transition of the winds are coming from the south. highs today about that 3:00 hour 56 degrees.
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pepper pike. beachwood, still 54, above normal temperature for stark and summit county. a great way to finish up the weekend. a group of bird lovers are trying to stop the wind turbine promising planned for lake erie. the american bird conservancy says the project will impact bat and bird populations. the national guard is working the birding group says if the project isn't halted it will sue. museum curator is hoping to grow replicas of a tree from cleveland in southern california. the curator of the henry huntington library recently flew to cleveland to harvest acorns from a tree dedicated to jesse owens. it's just one of three trees left from a group of 20 given to u.s. olympians after the 1936 berlin olympics. owens' tree was planted at roads high school where jesse trained.
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national treasure. let's talk eats now. all cleveland foodies listen up. you want to head to the i.x. center today. the fabulous food show is hosting some of the best chefs on the planet. the show is one of the premiere culinary events in the country, features specialty food from more than two dozen chefs and offerings from wineries and breweries. cleveland's own michael simon, one of several celebrity chefs taking part. it's 10:00 to 6:00 today. as we head
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on this first anniversary the country is remembering those who died and reflecting on the healing it's done since the attacks on paris. overnight the bataclan where the deadliest of the attacks took place reopened its doors. melissa bell was there. >> reporter: it was in the language of his audience in keeping with its mood that sting opened the concert here tonight in perfect french he also had a minute of silence. [speaking french] >> reporter: that's what they did. 1,000 people who held perfectly still to remember those who
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year ago. among them some survivors or some family of those who were killed but many people who just come to hear sting and to celebrate the fact that life could go on once again. have a listen. ? >> we started with "fragile" the famous song that everyone thinks about this this situation. after that you forgot totally you were on a sad party because it was a >> it was awesome. another wanted to leave. and it was great. a lot of emotion. >> i needed to -- to feel it, to to be there. i wanted to there. pause it's sting, the reopening. >> it was incredible. the best show ever. not just about what happened a year ago. it's just about life goes on. >> reporter: as well as those who come to hear sting's music some of the families of those
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in the bataclan one year ago. he explained to us that it had been a difficult decision to make, he wanted though to come to celebrate life once again although he explained he had not anticipated how hard it would be to listen to the music once it began. melissa bell, cnn, paris. this is also a somber anniversary in new york. 15-year-old ago flight 587 crashed in queens. yesterday the mayor led commemoration ceremony for the victims. in 2001 it hit turbulence, crashed shortly after takeoff killing 265 people. many of the victims were on their way to see families in the dominican republic when the plane -- where that plane was ultimately headed. the u.s. embassy in afghanistan temporarily closed. the closure due to security concerns following the deaths of four americans at a military base. the four why weather killed in a suicide attack. the taliban has tweeted
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killed in a german consulate in kabul. from tests against president- elect donald trump continued for a -- protests against predicted predicted predicted continued a fourth day. demonstration in since ins -- in cincinnati and toledo. no arrests. in indianapolis protests got out of hand. two officers were injured and similarly seen in las vegas, chicago and once again in portland, oregon. school in baltimore is pioneering a new approach to discipline. detection has been replaced with meditation. at this inner city school students study writing, reading, math -- and breathing. mindfulness classes are part of the everyday schedules. if a student acts up they are not sent to the principal, they are sent to the mindful moments room. there they get a chance to
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external stimuli and trauma these kids have to face. for them to have tools to better self-regulate, to manage themselves and emotions and make them healthier mentally and physically i think it makes the climate of the school better for academics. >> the goal is they will not only be at peace the rest of the day but hopefully for the rest of their life. those behind the approach hope to expand it to schools across the country soon. >> not a bad idea. you >> yes. you look at weather. you learn how to thousand manage your emotions daily? >> you learn. i'm a bikram yoga, love that meditation is good. no heat in the forecast. not much. >> it's better than yesterday. you probably have that winter coat on yesterday afternoon with the sunshine, not bringing us too much heat but we're
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across northern ohio. fantastic weather as high pressure is on top of us. this is lake county where a little warmer air is currently in place near that 40-degree mark. for greater cleveland we are seeing temperatures below the freezing mark, winds are going to start to stir up out of the south. that is going to allow for the warm-up we see this afternoon. from millersburg to richland county out towards route 30 corridor we have had reports of the upper teens this morning. so it's going to be throughout the day, as high pressure is really on top of us. i like to say the zone we're currently is in is going to last until tomorrow afternoon. we deal with pretty quiet conditions now, the only thing we start so see is they pick up around the 2:00 to 3:00 hour, 10 to 15 miles per hour but as
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the winds do start to die down. so hour by hour, whatever you have planned here you're going to notice the warm-up. it happens slightly sooner this afternoon. by the 2:00 hour. most of us back in the 50s. so crystal clear conditions tonight. overnight lows in the upper 30s, some spots. slightly warmer with a few clouds for southern locations. i do love this 7-day forecast. the clouds in place for monday and tues mostly cloudy conditions, near 60 degrees for a few spots here. we see a very weak front by wednesday evening. could produce us with a few isolated raindrops but it's a very quiet weather pattern. look at friday afternoon. near 70. >> quiet is good. we saw more than our share of big upsets in college football yesterday. maybe the biggest one was here
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member of the cleveland crunch in the neighborhoods. household. where is hector now? >> reporter: have a day kids. john carroll knocks off mount union yesterday 31-28 snapping the purple raiders' win streak. mount union hadn't lost a regular season game in 11 years. it was the longest win streak in ncaa football history and for the first ti the ohio athletic conference has a champion not named mount union. john carroll with a monster upset. we're going to stay with that because that's where our next story is. remember the guy hector marinara? dominated indoor soccer? perhaps you watched him in the day? we're going down memory lane. where is hector now?
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>> boom! hector, uh-oh, score. hector marinaro a cleveland legend, and had his own chocolate bar. he scored at will. he's the only all time leading scorer in professional indoor soccer history and made sweet history winning three championships with the in the 1990s. after he retired he turned his focus to coaching, taking over a strong program at john carroll university in 2006. this year the coach helped the blue streaks win the oac tournament championship. >> they get to win three championships as a player, but winning that tight on saturday night with my son the highlight
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started crying. still emotional. it's just been, to see him celebrate, was awesome. >> when i first went up and hugged him we were both very emotional. i said i'm extremely done of what we had done together and that i love him. >> reporter: for hector marinaro it's family first. he shares a deep bond with his son jesse and the younger marinaro is following in his father's footsteps. the last two seasons jesse is john carroll's leading fielder of the year. >> i always had to live up to the expectation. it's been tough but i think i've done well, to be known as his son a lot of the people around the community know who i am. to be able to put together a good performance leans a lot to us. >> reporter: hector made a name for himself in cleveland and seeing what happened this year makes him proud to call cleveland home. >> i absolutely love this city. this summer has been absolutely awesome with the cavs and i was
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world series. we experienced it a little bit with the crunch, you know? but very little compared to this summer. it was so great to see the people of cleveland with so much pride and passion with their sports teams. awesome summer. >> reporter: hector and john carroll earning a spot in the d3 ncaa tournament. they played yesterday. unfortunately lost to lynchburg in still a great season. and tournament champs. that's your morning sports. back to football -- it was another walk in the park for the buckeyes yesterday. stomping maryland 62-3 and since that loss to penn state a few weeks back ohio state has outscored its next three opponents. 148-26. and the victory keeping the buckeyes right in the mix for the college football playoffs. in fact ohio state now in very good position because three
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latest playoff rankings all lost including michigan. number two clemson going to pitt. number three wolverines stunned by iowa there and fourth ranked washington falling to southern cal. things looking a lot different come next week but you have to figure ohio state will now move up to number two. coming up -- the blame game begins for why the cleveland police consent decree is behind schedule. a local university is planning a class all about hillary clinton. where you can study the
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8:29. we start with another look from the earth cam. downtown cleveland, sun out and once again a chilly start to your weekend. the sun though will pay a visit as well. welcome back. i' we have several developing stories including a memorial happening today for a neighborhood's favorite bar tender. as meg shaw is finding out friends hope renewed attention to the case will help solve her murder. first a check of the weather with meteorologist janessa webb. good morning. do you notice how meg's coat -- they keep on getting bigger and bigger? today she has a big winter coat on because these are some of the coldest temperatures that
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winter. do not let all this clearing and sunshine fool you this morning. there's no heat behind that sun just yet. right now downtown cleveland is the warm spot. at 39 degrees but making your way to richland and ashland county we've had reports of the upper teens so lexington now, southern richland county, that cooler air is in place, ashland currently 22 degrees. making in our way to the oeast. slightly warmer air county from sugar heights to bedford, good morning. 35 degrees. 36 reading for medina county. so the cool air is taking over across the board. the warm-up is coming. winds from the south 10 to 15 miles per hour so our daytime highs are back in the 50s by 3:00. today friends and family
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old missy brinker, shot and killed last month during a robbery at the bar where she worked. there are still no answers in her death. this afternoon there's going to be a benefit in her memory. news 5's meg shaw is live on the city's west side. what is the latest in the case? >> reporter: so far no arrests have been made, no suspects named and the surveillance video of the incident not released. the bar where she worked tells us cleveland police have the video surfaced. i reached out to cleveland police this morning to see if in fact that video is out there, what is the latest on the case. they just got back to me, say they are checking for any updates on this case and are looking into that video. missy brinker was murdered while working as a bartender at cooley lounge on west 130th street, on october 25th. witnesses say robbers barged into the bar and demanded money from every customer.
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down. her boyfriend says she was shot at close range. the benefit will be at the vfw on west 140th street from 3:00 to 10:00 tonight. they are holding a 50/50 raffle, asking for a $5 donation at the door. all of that money raised today will go to missy's family. of course if you know anything about this incident please call police. live in cleveland, meg shaw, news 5. the independent cleveland's police department is blaming the city for a delay in the process. reform is part of the consent decree agreement between the police and justice department. it followed an investigation that found a pattern of excessive force. the monitor says the city of cleveland's inability to create effective policy manuals is setting back the reform process. he says poorly written drafts had to be reworked by three team members. they've been doing it full time
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killed in a possible murder/suicide in akron. the summit county medical examiner says 22-year-old miles simmons and 21-year-old drew forcer were the man and woman found shot at the park manor apartments. the bodies discovered in a bedroom after simmons didn't show up for work. who is behind an unthinkable act of animal cruelty? cody mcday witnessed someone throw a dog out of their moving car on the heights/maple heights border. he helped the dog and tried to get to the vet. unfortunately he was too late and the dog died. he thinks the animal had a troubled life long before he was thrown from the car. >> there are scars all over his face. not new wounds. it was obvious this dog was no friend to anybody and just used for fighting. >> mcday is hoping someone else witnessed this incident and will come forward with more information. the garfield heights animal warden also investigating.
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yet but melania trump is already being added to the national first lady's library. the library in canton says it's too soon to begin to plan an exhibit but added her picture to the lobby. accompanied by a printed message welcoming the incoming first lady to her new position. kent state university is announcing a new class for next semester. hillary clinton case study. perspectives on gender and power will be taught by the director of the school's women's studies program. the class will cultural perception of her time from a young lawyer, first lady, for, secretary of state and finally presidential candidate. looking ahead -- it will begin to look a lot like christmas in downtown cleveland. tomorrow, the public square holiday tree will be installed tomorrow morning. the 45-foot tall blue surprise won't be officially lit of course until saturday november 26th during the public square winter fest. it will overlook the downtown skating rink, work on the risk has already begun.
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rockefeller center tree arrived yesterday. it will be lit during a ceremony on wednesday, november 30th. that giant spruce will be illuminated with 45,000 multicolored l.e.d. lights. it will take more than five miles of wire to decorate the tree. still ahead -- megyn kelly about to release a tell-all book. how did president-elect donald trump treat her behind the scenes? a college student and bike stolen in only two days. now good samaritans are helping him get where he's going. >> i'm tracking a lot of sunshine to finish your weekend but in my 7-day forecast we have the upper 50s, even 60s
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good morning. i'm "power of 5" meteorologist janessa webb. lots of sunshine to start. that continues as high pressure is that will not be broken down any time soon. in my 7-day forecast coming up, i'm going to show you how long this stretch will continue, but the bigger weather story this morning is the cooler temperatures. 29 degrees, the feels-like for greater cleveland and cuyahoga county. 23 for millersburg. so hour by hour, whatever you have planned throughout your day we're going to see our daytime highs returning to the 50s due to winds.
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south. every monday i get the privilege of naming a deserving teacher in our area. a teacher of the week. normally we like to catch them a little offguard but this time our teacher spotted something a little different. our teacher of the week segment is all about the surprise from traveling to the school to meeting administrators, it's all for that one special educator that has made such a big impact. this week our teacher spotted something sketchy going someone has a camera taking pictures of applewood, what is going on? i was concerned someone was on the premises. >> reporter: what she didn't know is she was the one in for the surprise. meet our teacher of the week in brunswick, miss debbie crider. >> you are teacher of the week! >> on behalf of ohio savings attack we have a gift
8:40 am
congratulations. >> reporter: her colleagues and family give praise as she goes the extra mile for each and every one of her students. being the selfless person she is she gives so many others the credit for her success. >> i have a great group of kids, a great staff, great principal, amazing, awesome school and district to work for. >> reporter: our teacher of the week at applewood elementary school in brunswick, debbie crider, from news 5, congratulations. if you would like to nominate a deserving educator go to >> i love she spotted the camera and wanted it off the school. next -- a kid killed out of his own house for supporting donald trump. now his mom is responding to
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8:43. breaking news from new zealand. a tsunami warning just issued following a magnitude 7.8 quake. authorities say that quake generated a tsunami. the first waves already hitting the south island. no immediate reports of major damage or injuries so far. new news about the country
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been signed. a similar agreement rejected by voters in october for being too lenient on the rebels. no word yet on how the new deal will be submitted to voters or colombia's congress. wildfire continues to cause major problems in parts of the southeast this morning. north carolina state officials say at least 20 of these blazes are suspected arson. some of the fires have forced the state to shut down a number of its state parks. more than 5,000 firefighters throughout th attempting to gain control of the fires. aircraft and air tankers also being used. the fires also affecting parts of alabama, georgia and tennessee. this week's election results don't seem too have affected the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country from southern borders. in fact more agents are being added in the rio grande valley in light of a spike of people crossing illegally. federal officials say 150 more agents will be deployed to
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influx in immigrants apprehended in recent days. many brought in are children and families. according to border patrol numbers more than 330,000 people were detained trying to enter the u.s. in 2015. residents who live in the region say wall or not it's a daily occurrence. >> daily basis it could be 10, 15, sometimes even 20, 25 people at a time. >> the additional agents will come from parts and arizona. border patrol will be one of donald trump's main priorities when he gets into office but just who will help him make the decisions remains to be seen. that could change sooner than later. his campaign adviser says trump will make the final call on the chief of staff position in the coming days. >> i think there's reince priebus being considered,
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considered. >> the rnc chairman reince priebus is considered the frontrunner. kelly ann conway you heard from there, says she's been offered a white house job as well but wouldn't say what it was. when his staff is in order donald trump says you can expect to see less from him on twitter. the president-elect told "60 minutes" he's going to be restrained with twitter if he uses it at all. he added social media is wher races in states where he was vastly outspent. he said he proved twitter can be more powerful than money. fox news anchor megyn kelly set to release a new book tuesday, including information about her experience with president-elect donald trump. she says from trump tried to give her a free hotel stay in an attempt to influence news conference of his presidential campaign. she also details the insults
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campaign. there will be lots of theories moving forward on what led to hillary clinton's falling short in the presidential election despite being favored. one person believes it's the result of a double examy. in a conference call yesterday clinton said the letter to congress about her e-mails and a second letter in the campaign halted momentum she had been building leading up to the election. an affect she called a double whammy. despite the loss and unhappiness of comey's letter keep moving forward and fighting for their causes. one of the big trends coming from this year's election the influence of political megadonors may not be as strong as once thought. this is the second presidential cycle that the supreme court allowed donors to write eight- figure checks to support superpacks but donald trump defeated his gop opponents despite the big money going against him. bernie sanders managed to stay in the race much longer than
8:48 am
fundraising machine. california mother also responding to critics after a video of her kicking her 8-year- old son out of the house went viral. you may have seen this video on social media. the mom yells at her son for voting for donald trump in a mock election at school. she tells him to pack a suitcase and makes him hold a sign to explain why he's out on the street. she says it was all a joke but those who watched the video don't find >> i think it's crazy. people need to realize when you put certain things on social media you never know how far it's going to go. >> the county sheriff's office has met with the family in the video and says it was really just a joke. the boy is still home and appears to be in good health. mark cuban had previously revoked the network's
8:49 am
fulltime basis. press credentials have now been reinstated. janessa webb joins us for another look at weather. again that chilly cold start. i think we can all agree was cold once again for the second day in a row but the sun is going to be out for the second day in a row. this time a little warmer than yesterday's. >> this is the pick day of the weekend, so be outside but you're right it's officially cold. we have the teens in spots this morning. but that bright sunshine is in effect. the warm spot th lake county, even greater cleveland, downtown near 40 now. hopkins 31 degrees. you're going to notice the winds are going to stir up. i'll show that you in our futurecast. let's look at the blue cold contours map this morning. we had reports for ashland and richland county, upper teens lexington, right now you're currently 18 so that frigid air is starting to be in place due to high pressure on top of us.
8:50 am
but highs today they are back in the 50s. 32 degrees sitting at the freezing mark for ashtabula. good morning stark county, canton currently 29. so yesterday afternoon that high was just to our west here. now it's sitting in that sweet spot, and transition in the winds are going to come from the south allowing four daytime highs to rebound back in some spots in the upper 50s this afternoon. so you can see from start to pick up here around 10:00 to 11:00 out of the south. about 10 miles per hour for elyria, medina county, bedford, maple heights, even warrensville heights you'll notice winds picking up throughout the afternoon. possibly up to 20 miles per hour. as you're watching the full moon tonight with crystal clear conditions, wind start to die down but high pressure will continue to settle in here,
8:51 am
this afternoon, not a cloud in the sky. daytime highs should be in the 50s by the 3:00 hour. so tonight will go with 38 degrees, winds still out of the south here even for monday afternoon. that is why many spots, you're going to see tomorrow near 60 degrees. gets even warmer for you, here's tuesday but we're tracking just a few clouds here. thursday to friday that is, unseasonably warm, ne friday afternoon. we have our next cold front, could drop us down to the mid- 50s but this is a very quiet weather pattern with temperatures above normal. we've all had rough stretches, chances are doesn't top this. a college student in denver having a bad week. his car and bike were both stolen in only two days time. as a result aaron davis would have to walk to school in colorado's tough winters ahead.
8:52 am
derek and tara eslinger had an extra truck and donated it to him. >> the prettiest thing you can see from the front bumper there and mechanically drives great. it's going to kill it for you. >> after hearing about the truck donation another kind soul decided to give aaron a used bike. denver police still investigating both thefts but so far no leads. we've all heard a lot of the examples of the fallout as some same sex couple austin and mindy and their five kids woke up this week the victims of vandals. he cars keyed headlight to taillight. what makes this story different, the community offered behind them offering fee labor and paint to fix the vehicles. that includes a trump supporter anthony kemp. >> i felt horrible about that for them.
8:53 am
whatever politically but they are still in my community. >> the couple says they've lived in the area more than a year with no issues. nearly $1,000 has been raised for the family on
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another look at weather. it's more like we're used to
8:56 am
northeast ohio. it's is fall. the chill is back. >> the teens this morning. so layer up. if you're headed out and about. we're going to see the warm-up move in pretty quickly here. we'll see 56, possibly 58 for akron and canton this afternoon. warms up completely to near the 60-degree mark by monday and tuesday. we cool off a tad bit and possibility of just a few showers for your evening hours for wednesday but th friday, that's unreal. >> good news with the forecast. while we're getting the temperatures that we're used to seeing more like this time of year, overnight, still getting a lit ofle of that warm-up especially later this week. >> 68 near 70 friday. then a pretty strong front that is going to move in friday evening to saturday. that will drop us down to a chilly next weekend, in store but you have to be happy about quiet conditions here, we're not tracking any rain or any snow.
8:57 am
in place. we see some bigger changes possibly for thanksgiving week but let's not get too far ahead. >> i don't want to. no reason to get that far ahead of ourselves. just concentrate on the forecast and sunshine coming up next week. we'll be back at 10:00. ""this week"" next. lots to talk about after the election of course. on abc and we'll see you back
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scott defalco is here to show us an easy way to take years of your appearance if your teeth are yellowing. scott says he can help you look up to 13 years younger and it only takes five minutes! welcome scott. >> thank you. i got a birtay wouldn't mind subtracting years instead of adding to them. >> please tell me what do you have? >> this is power swabs, revolutionary product that will increase your whitening two shades in five minutes. rub it on your teeth, for two minutes. over the two minutes two things. we lift the stains off the teeth. at the same time we hydrate our enamel. that is important because i
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minimal to no sensitivity. why you experience that with other products? they dehydrate the enamel. here we hydrate it so you don't experience that. then we whiten, same process. like this. i go to the gum line. no sensitivity. then once you're done, two shades whiter, over seven days six shades. >> how long does it last? >> up to six months. another great thing, that it will work on caps, very veneers. >> the coffee i'm drinking -- >> drink all the coffee or wine you want, responsibly of course. not at work. the power swabs will take away the stains. >> i love that it takes away the sensitivity issue as well. tell me, off special for viewers. >> yes. spotlight 5 special, call the 1- 800-663-4517. tell us you saw
9:00 am
get one free. we'll throw in more for daily


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